Instructions for use Nomidol

Use Nomidol just thanks to the detailed instruction for use. The procedure does not cause any trouble. Using the cream is very simple. The full course of treatment is 4 weeks. In that time becomes a complete neutralization of the mold. The drug should be used on broken zone of the skin twice a day — morning and evening. Cream rub with a soft massage movements.

Instructions for cream Nomidol

Before you apply the medicine, should carry out the hygienic procedures. Well steamed legs in the bath with medicinal herbs, for example, chamomile and calendula. Then you need to carefully dry the feet with a towel and put the cream, rubbing it into the skin until completely absorbed. Does not feel the skin, there is no pollution of clothes and bedding.

The symptoms disappear after a week of taking the drug. Contained in the set with Nomidol the manual also contains information that is useful to do the full course, even if the symptoms of the disease disappeared after a week. Under the nails can stay mold spores that can cause re-infection.


Nomidol it is effective for combating all manifestations of the fungal infection. The disease is accompanied by such manifestations:

  • dryness of the skin;
  • peeling;
  • itching and burning;
  • excessive sweating;
  • thickening of the nail plate;
  • the formation of ulcers and cracks;
  • yellowing and a bundle of nails;
  • the occurrence of odors.

These are the main symptoms, the occurrence of which must make a visit to the doctor. Without treatment the symptoms will only intensify, which will eventually lead to the loss of the nail, deep cracks and ulcers. The reason for this fungal lesions — pathogenic micro-organism. Officinalis the composition of the drug Nomidol not only removes the unpleasant symptoms, but has an effect on the nail.


In the composition of the drug Nomidol contains exclusively natural components. The formula is specially designed to provide a means coming from all patients in Hungary. Contraindications to the use of the drug may be a personal intolerance to some ingredients, incoming in the composition of the Nomidol.

During pregnancy and lactation, the possibility of using the drug to consult with the attending physician. At the onset of the allergies app Nomidol you need to stop.